Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Personal Experience

What's funny is that this happened to me only a couple days after I came up with the contest idea. What a great sign. =] So I think as I get the stories I'll post them, and then once I get enough to have a vote I'll post them all again and let everyone pick their favorite!

So yesterday I was having a pretty bad day, and at night I was laying in bed praying to God for help. Help with making decisions, help with getting through the hard times, help with all the drama with my friends, and for it all to just go away, and for me to just be happy. I was thinking about the friends I had lost, or aren't as close with now, and how sad that made me feel. How I just wish I could be close with them again.

Then I realized that God is my rock. How unlike some friends, he will always be there for me wherever I go, through good or bad. It empowered me. I know this is strange, but I kinda felt like he was holding me, hugging me saying it will be alright. As I felt this power embracing me I started to cry, and if you know me you'll know that it takes a lot for me to cry. I cried because I realized that friends come, and go, but God will never leave you.

I walk past people in school everyday who were once my best friends, and I think why aren't we still friends? Maybe someday we'll be close again, or maybe we never will, but there are always what ifs. With God there are no what ifs because God is the answer, and he will never leave.
I just wanted to share this with everyone because they should somehow feel how awesome God is. I feel bad for the people who don't know him. It's just so nice to realize that he's my rock, and will always be there for me, and you know, he'll always be there for you too. This inspired me, so maybe it will for you too.

You too can send in an inspirational personal story, it can be any length, about anything, and it does not have to be about religion like mine was. The possibilities are endless. =]

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